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White Trailing Lantana

Lantana montevidensis 'Trailing White'


Height - 1 to 2 feet

Width - 2 to 3 feet


Full sun to part shade

Plant Type

Adapted perennial/ groundcover,
"Texas Superstar"

Other common names

White Lantana,
Trailing Lantana,
Weeping Lantana


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Beautiful white flowers from spring until fall
Attract Wildlife   Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love the flowers
Reduce Maintenance   Cut to ground in winter to control size
Texas Tough    'White Trailing' is considered a Texas Superstar Plant!

Interesting Facts

This version is more slow growing.  The plant creeps across the ground or trails beautifully over edges.  Looks great in a xeriscape/rock garden.  Will grow in a pot although it will limit plant's maximum size.  As with other forms of Lantana, the berries and leaves are poisonous if ingested and leaves can cause mild skin irritation.

White Trailing Lantana in Frisco

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