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Texas Pecan Tree

Carya illinoinensis


Height - 90 feet

Width - 80 feet


Full sun

Plant Type

Native shade tree,


Other common names

Texas State Tree,

Pecan Tree

Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Beautiful yellow foliage in fall
Attract Wildlife   Birds, squirrels and other small mammals eat pecans
Reduce Maintenance   Low maintenance choice for a native landscape
Texas Tough    Drought tolerant and valuable to wildlife

Interesting Facts

The pecan tree was named the state tree of Texas in 1919.  Interestingly, pecan pie is also the state pie of Texas.  Nuts are sweet and delicious.  Native varieties are best for shade.  Should be planted in a place where it has plenty of room to grow, since it is a very large tree once it reaches maturity.  Pecan trees can live more than 1000 years.

Texas Pecan Trees in Frisco

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