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Texas Mountain Laurel

Sophora secundiflora


Height - 15-20 feet

Width - 10-15 feet

Plant Type


Native ornamental tree

Close up view

Full plant view


Full sun to part shade

Other common names

Mescal Bean,


Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Uniquely fragrant blue-purple flowers in early spring
Attract Wildlife   Bees and butterflies enjoy the flowers
Reduce Maintenance   Can prune into bush or tree shape
Texas Tough    Is considered evergreen

Interesting Facts

Is evergreen in our climate.  Can be pruned to look like a bush, or can be undercut to look like a tree (can appear similar to a crepe myrtle or a vitex/chaste tree).  Produces clusters of pretty purple blooms in early spring.  Flowers have a strong, sweet, unique fragrance, reminiscent of grape-flavored Kool Aid.  Bean pods produced later in the year are considered poisonous if ingested.

Texas Mountain Laurel in Frisco

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