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Soapberry Tree

Sapindus drummondi


Height - 35 feet

Width - 25 feet


Full sun

Plant Type

Native shade tree,


Other common names

Western Soapberry,


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Tiny white flowers in late spring, yellow foliage in fall
Attract Wildlife   Butterflies eat nectar from flowers, birds eat seeds
Reduce Maintenance   Low maintenance choice for a native landscape
Texas Tough    Drought tolerant and valuable to wildlife

Interesting Facts

Berries are high in saponins which have a foaming detergent effect when mixed with water and agitated.  This chemical is toxic to humans if consumed.  Bright yellow foliage in the fall, and bare branches in the winter showcase beautiful sprays of yellow soapberries.

Soapberry Trees in Frisco

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