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Redbud Tree

Cercis canadensis


Height - 20 feet

Width - 15 feet


Full sun to part shade

Plant Type

Native ornamental tree,


Other common names


Eastern Redbud,


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Orchid-pink flowers cover branches in March and April
Attract Wildlife   Flowers attract bees and butterflies
Reduce Maintenance   Low maintenance choice for a native landscape
Texas Tough    Drought tolerant and valuable to wildlife

Interesting Facts

This tree has glossy, heart-shaped leaves and lots of pink flowers in spring.  The flowers eventually give way to seed pods. Keep this in mind: if you want to plant the Redbud in a small space, the tree can actually grow up to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity. Most people think it is a small ornamental tree (similar to the crape myrtle), because you see so many young trees planted in parking lots and easements.  The Redbud is actually the official tree of Southlake, TX.

Redbud Trees in Frisco

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