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Mexican Plum Tree

Prunus mexicana


Height - 25 feet

Width - 25 feet

Plant Type

Native ornamental tree,


Close up view

Full plant view


Full sun to part shade

Other common names

Bigtree Plum

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   White flowers in spring
Attract Wildlife   Flowers attract bees/butterflies; produces edible plums
Reduce Maintenance   Low maintenance ornamental choice
Texas Tough    Drought tolerant; great ornamental value - plus fruit!

Interesting Facts

Is one of the first trees to bloom in the spring.  Flowers are often confused with the Bradford Pear tree that is common in our area.  White flowers cover the bare branches (similar to a redbud) and are beautiful and fragrant.  Sweet, edible plums are produced from June through September.  These plums are small with a large pit, but have a very sweet, pleasant flavor.  Leaves turn yellow in the fall and fall off during the winter.

Mexican Plum Trees in Frisco

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