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Maximilian Sunflower

Helianthus maximiliani


Height - 6 feet

Width - 3 feet


Full sun

Plant Type

Native perennial

Other common names

Max Sunflower,
Prairie Sunflower


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low to medium water required
More Color   Large yellow flowers from summer through winter 
Attract Wildlife   Bees and butterflies drink nectar; birds eat seeds
Reduce Maintenance   Cut to ground in winter
Texas Tough    Is a native wildflower in many places across Texas

Interesting Facts

Large, striking gold flowers; spreads by roots.  Great for the back of a landscape, since it grows so tall.  Considered a weed by some, the flower can lend the landscape a "wilder" look.  The name "sunflower" comes from its scientific name "Helianthus."  Sunflowers are one of the most well-known "heliotropic" plants, meaning they actually orient themselves based on where the sun is in the sky.  To expain: before the flowers open, the buds "follow" the sun during the daytime.  The buds eventually open, however, and the flowers permanently orient themselves toward the eastern sun.

Maximilian Sunflowers in Frisco

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