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Indian Hawthorne

Rhapiolepsis indica


Height - 3 to 5 feet

Width - 3 to 4 feet


Full sun to part shade

Plant Type


Adapted shrub

Other common names

Sometimes spelled
"Indian Hawthorn"


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Medium water required
More Color   Pink or white flowers in the spring
Attract Wildlife   Bees enjoy the flowers, is a bird shelter
Reduce Maintenance   Pruning rarely needed; natural compact growth
Texas Tough    Shrub is well-adapted to our climate

Interesting Facts

Bees love the flowers in the spring months.  Flowers eventually give way to blue berries that birds eat.  Has a round, compact growth habit that rarely needs pruning.  Can get leggy if placed in too much shade.  If pruning is necessary, it should be done just after flowers finish in spring, and before new buds form.  If done too late in the year, plant will have minimal flowers the following year.  Has glossy green foliage year round.

Indian Hawthorne in Frisco

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