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Hackberry Tree

Celtis laevigata


Height - 60 feet

Width - 65 feet

Plant Type

Native shade tree,

Close up view

Full plant view


Full sun

Other common names

Southern Hackberry, Sugar Hackberry,
Texas Sugarberry

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Yellow fall leaves with dark purple berries; distinctive bark
Attract Wildlife   Excellent food and shelter for birds and other wildlife
Reduce Maintenance   Grows quickly in moist sites, slower if dry
Texas Tough    Native and extremely drought tolerant tree

Interesting Facts

Has a distinctive "lumpy sugar" bark appearance that roughens with age.  This tree serves as a larval host plant for the Hackberry butterfly.  Produces small sweet fruits that birds love to eat.  Is an important food and shelter source for birds and other wildlife during the late winter months.  For some reason, dogs love to chew on the leaves of young hackberries.  Don't worry - they aren't poisonous!

Hackberry Trees in Frisco

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