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Cape Plumbago

Plumbago auriculata


Height - 3 to 4 feet

Width - 3 to 5 feet


Full sun to part shade

Plant Type

Adapted perennial,
"Texas Superstar"

Other common names

Sky Flower


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Medium water required
More Color   Sky blue flowers from spring through fall
Attract Wildlife   Bees and butterflies love the flowers
Reduce Maintenance   Cut back occasionally to promote blooms
Texas Tough    Cape Plumbago is considered a Texas Superstar Plant!

Interesting Facts

Native to South Africa, Cape Plumbago is considered a Texas Superstar plant because it is very well-adapted to our climate.  You can prune the dead flower groups to encourage blooming and maintain a desired shape.  If you prune too much though, you might shock the plant and sacrifice blooms for a while as the plant recovers.  May stay green through the winter if it is mild enough.  Does moderately well in pots, but if you want to keep it around, make sure your pot is big enough to accomodate the root system of a mature plant.

Cape Plumbago in Frisco

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