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Bois du arc Tree

Maclura pomifera


Height - 40 feet

Width - 60 feet


Full sun to part shade

Plant Type

Native shade tree,

Other common names

Osage Orange, Hedgeapple, Horseapple

Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   Orange bark; bright yellow-green foliage in fall
Attract Wildlife   Birds and squirrels eat the fruit
Reduce Maintenance   Left to grow naturally, makes a great windbreak
Texas Tough    Unusually hard wood is extremely resistant to rot

Interesting Facts

Wood is unusually hard; can easily break a chainsaw.  Native Americans used the naturally curved wood for bows, and tannins in the bark were used to tan hides.  Core wood is a beautiful bright orange.  Fruit is loved by squirrels, although they help spread the seeds.  Interestingly, the fruit is a well-known home pest control remedy.  A mosquito repellent similar to DEET is derived from the fruit's sap.

Bois du arc Trees in Frisco

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