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Trailing Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'


Height - 1 foot

Width - 2 to 5 feet

Plant Type


Adapted shrubby perennial/herb

Close up view

Full plant view


Full sun

Other common names

Prostrate Rosemary,

Creeping Rosemary

Save Water   Low to medium water required
More Color   Small white or blue flowers in spring and summer
Attract Wildlife   Flowers attract bees and butterflies; provides shelter
Reduce Maintenance   Evergreen; requires little maintenance if any
Texas Tough    Is very well-adapted to our hot and dry climate

Interesting Facts

This plant is great for a rock garden; has a lower mounding and spreading shape than Upright Rosemary.  Will trail beautifully over edges of containers or over large rocks for a natural look.  Can be cut and used for cooking, like any other variety of rosemary.

Trailing Rosemary in Frisco

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