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Blackfoot Daisy

Melampodium leucanthum


Height - 1 foot

Width - 1 to 2 feet

Plant Type


Native mounding perennial

Close up view

Full plant view


Full sun to part shade

Other common names

Plains Blackfoot (often confused with White Zinnia/Desert Zinnia)

Save Water   Low water required
More Color   White flowers from early spring until late fall
Attract Wildlife   Bees and butterflies enjoy the flowers, is a bird shelter
Reduce Maintenance   Cut back by half in winter to encourage growth
Texas Tough    Survives hot Texas summers and loves rocky, thin soil

Interesting Facts

Great choice for a rock garden.  Prefers well-drained soil; doesn't like to have wet feet.  Rich soil and ample water may produce more blooms in the short term, but may shorten the lifespan of the plant.  Flowers are heavily scented and smell like honey.

Blackfoot Daisies in Frisco

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