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If plants and yard work really aren't your "thing" to begin with, planting and maintaining your home landscape can seem like a daunting task! 


This website is intended to function as a "gateway" resource for Frisco residents. received a Digital Media Award from the Native Plant Society of Texas in 2018.

At it's inception, Plant SMART documented the plant materials at The Demonstration Garden between Shawnee Trail Elementary and the Shawnee Trail Sports Complex in central Frisco.

Today, the Frisco Garden Club also includes plant information garnered from their own Frisco home gardens and its many civic garden projects to improve Plant SMART throughout Frisco.

Frisco Heritage Center

6455 Page Street

Frisco, Texas 75034

Choosing landscape plants that are native or well-adapted to North Texas offer many unique benefits. 

Plant SMART Spring 2021.png
Looking for something in particular?

The Plant SMART Demonstration Garden project exists as a partnership between the
City of Frisco and the Frisco Garden Club.  

Want to fill your landscape with all your favorite colors?  Need something that will grow in that shady spot under your tree?  Trying to find flowers that look sweet, but can also take the heat?


This website has been organized to aid in your search.  Check out our helpful search links!


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