'Hot Lips' Sage

Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips'


Height - 3 feet

Width - 2 feet


Full sun

Plant Type

Native perennial

Other common names

Hot Lips Salvia


Close up view

Full plant view

Save Water   Low to medium water required
More Color   Variegated red and white flowers from spring until fall
Attract Wildlife   Flowers attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies
Reduce Maintenance   Cut to ground in winter to control size
Texas Tough   Survives well in our hot climate

Interesting Facts

This variety of sage gets its name from the unique, bicolored flowers that are said to resemble a face with lipstick.  Warm summer nights will cause the plant to produce red blooms with an occasional solid white.  As nights become cooler in the fall again, the blooms become bicolored.

'Hot Lips' Sage in Frisco

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